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Full Performance Capture 
Jay Preston and Mark Whitten at Rouge MoCap
Jay Preston's Mocap performance at Rouge MoCap
Voice Over Video Mash-Ups 

Josh Miller

VO Agent (Colorado)

Go Voices, LLC

303-623-2723 |



 Jay Delivers!


from "conversational & informative"

to "professional & friendly" 




With All the Right Equipment:

~Pro Home Studio Includes~

Soyuz Fet -017

Neumann TLM 103

Sennheiser MKH 416

DPA 4060

John Hardy M-1 Pre
Apollo Twin MK II

Mac Mini Powerhouse
Adobe Audtion CC

Source Connect & iPDTL : TheBoothOfUs
ISDN & Local Studio Access

Tom Lawless

Promo, Narration, Commercial

VOX Talent


E-Mail Now

Micaela Hicks

Gaming & Animation

VOX Talent


E-Mail Now

Stacey Stahl

VO Agent (Oregon)

In Both Ears

503-892-8833 |


Eileen Schellhorn

VO Agent (New York)

DDO New York

212-379-6314 | E-Mail Now


KaCee Hudsun

VO Agent (Chicago)

DDO Chicago

312.319.2888 | E-Mail Now


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