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Wine About VO - Jay Preston
Jay Preston's Hat

How do I become a voice actor?

Ahh, the all too often question with way too many answers. When an actor starts to become successful in an aspect of their career, there always comes a point when other actors will want to know what they did and how they did it. Jay believes in giving back to the community and his fellow actors. Over the years he has taught dozens of workshops, directed a few vo sessions and even helped cast a few amazing projects. Below are some incredible resources Jay has helped create for everyone in the VO Community. He is now also available for ON DEMAND coaching and tutoring via Skills Hub.


Jay Preston's Voice Over Workshops

Improv for VO

Jay's putting together a small workshop to go over the basics of Improv for Voice Over. Getting touch today to inquire about joining the workshop or auditing!

Improv for VO is S.I.M.P.L.E.



On Demand Actor Coaching - Jay Preston
Jay Preston - Skills Hub Coaching

On Demand Coaching

With Jay Preston

Head on over to Skills Hub where you can book some time with Jay Preston for only $2.22 a minute!


Audition Coaching

Intro to VO

Sharpen your Skills

Workshop Techniques

Pick his brain

Wine about VO


PLUS Enter Code : TheVOC

for 10% off 3 months of membership!

Enter Code : TheVOC

for 10% off 3 months of membership!

The Voice Over Collective

Jay Preston's Voice Over Collective

Jay created the VOC in 2011. The Voice Over Collective is a community run, industry approved hub for all your voice-over wants and needs. It's what Jay wished was available when he decided he wanted to be a voice actor. Everything you'd want to know about voice-over, the right equipment to buy, the right books to read, the right classes and workshops to take, what coaches are the best, what events can you attend, what are great resources for voice actors, what are the right voice over rates and what should you charge.

 No matter what group you are a part of, what level you are at, or how successful you are becoming, it's important that the right information is shared and easily accessed. 

Get involved in this incredible community and help each other succeed! 


Rise together! 

The Voice Over Collective - Voiceover Hub
Don't forget to join the VOC newsletter!

The Online VO Weekly Workout

VO Weekly Workout - Voice Over Online Weekly Workout
VOWW How To.png

Upcoming guest directors:

Tanya Buchanan, Melissa Grillo, Alicia Beekman, Kathryn Horan, Kelly Moskinski, Dmitri Michas, Libby Clearfield, Micaela Hicks, Chris Faela, Alyssa Gentile

The Voice Over Resource Guide


The Voice Over Industry's Oldest Publication since 1988. The VORG is an ever-expanding data base for all things voice over. From agents to recording studios, training, casting and voice over rates, you'll find it all here. Jay Preston was given the opportunity to take over creative direction and publication of this incredible resource in April of 2022. He brought aboard his long time friend and collaborator Tim Friedlander and together they built a team to bring The VORG into the latest century. What once just covered LA and NY, the VORG now covers the entire US! The revitalized website is now live and the Voice Over Resource Guide has once again become THE go to spot for resources and information for all the recording and performing industry.

The Voice Over Resource Guide Issue #76

The Voice Over Resource Guide!

Issue 76

The VO Industries oldest publication since 1988 is back and better than ever! Jay Preston, Tim Friedlander and Team VORG have been incredibly hard at work, with a new website and a new publication! Get yours!


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