Jay Preston's Voice Over Rate Guide

Choosing to hire me as a Union talent is easier than you think and allows me to keep my healthcare & benefits as well as allowing you to build an extremely wonderful relationship working with one of my agents. Using me again in the future is extremely easy, paperwork is complete and if you need a different sounding voice, my agents have the top talent in the industry! If the word Union still frightens you and makes you uneasy, the non union rates are included here as well. All of my rates include;

  • script preparation (pronunciation, annotation etc.)

  • studio fee

  • professional, noise-free recording

  • editing

  • quality control (prooflistening)

  • free retakes, as long as they are not necessitated by changes in the script after the initial audio was recorded. The recording of a script that was revised after the first text was officially approved and recorded, is regarded and billed as a new project

  • uploading of audio in any formate you need

  • And of course: My added value as a proffesional voice talent with years of experience is always higher than my rate!





Local Spots


Regional Spots


Radio Tag

National Spots




Local Cable


Local Broadcast

National Spots



TV Tag


National Cable Promo

$250 - $500

Cable In-Show Narration

$1500 - $2500

Corporate Non-Broadcast

Explainer Video (from 2-5 minutes)

$350 - $500


Corporate Video 

$250 per vid up to 175 words
additional $50 for every 100 words thereafter


E-Learning (Options)

$1000 pfh (per finished hour)

$150 Session Fee then $7 per 25 words**

$250 per vid up to 175 words
additional $50 for every 100 words thereafter


Phone Prompt / IVR


$150 Session Fee $10 per prompt

On Hold Messaging

$250 per page

Discounts for long term agreements, consistant work, and large quantity or bundle rates can be negotiated. Never hesitate to ask!

*These are all starting points and do not reflect usage fees or unexpected budgeting issues due to additonal workload requirements. 90% of the time, these rates are used as is. Usage fees vary. 

**A Special repeat client fee, earned through consistant work.

Check Out this EASY to use Rates Calculator!

Listen to Jay as the Donkey for CNN's 2020 Election Campaign

Winner of the 2020 Voice Arts Awards for Outstanding Promo Campaign

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